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A non-profit sober living house for recovering alcoholic men.
Established in 1970
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Cabrito Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable corporation organized under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its sole purpose is to provide a sober living environment for those men who suffer from the killer disease of alcoholism.

Donations to Cabrito Foundation, Inc., or to the Cabrito House, are welcomed and are tax deductible as provided by law.

We appreciate your interest in our cause and, hope that we may be able to help someone close to you, if and when that person needs help.


The Cabrito House is a very special place for those men who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and who yearn for life without alcohol.

Our manager and Board of Trustees all have wide personal experience with the heartbreak of alcoholism as we have personally helped or shared in the recovery and rehabilitation of several hundred men.

Cabrito House will shelter and feed 14 men. Since its existence, hundreds of men each year seek the Cabrito House miracle of sobriety; most do find this miracle.

Today, these men are not lost souls, lonely, or dependent on alcohol. Instead, they live happy, productive, sober lives, rejoined with their families and careers. Many now participate actively in Cabrito affairs, including work with new residents, outside 12-step calls, participation in AA meetings, and service as Cabrito Board Trustees.  They've regained the love of their families and the respect of their employers and peers and a newfound self worth.

No man is ever turned away from Cabrito House if he has a problem with alcohol. If he admits this powerlessness over alcohol and sincerely wants sobriety, he is qualified to be a resident regardless of his station in life.
Moreover, we believe that Cabrito residents must be encouraged to reenter society on a self-supporting basis.

Each man must seek employment as soon as he is physically able and he is expected to pay for the bare cost of his food and shelter while here.

We believe that recovering alcoholics should live in pleasant, cheerful surroundings, be welled and be counseled and guided by other recovering alcoholics who have learned to live productively in the real world -- without any alcohol. The successful experience of hundreds of men proves that it IS possible to recover from the disease of alcoholism...that Cabrito House offers hope to any man who will accept our helping hand.

The present Cabrito House is located in Canoga Park, on a large comer site. It was first leased, then later purchased under a 30-year mortgage from funds gained by money raising events such as the annual Golf Tournament and barbecue.  Fees from residents cover only part of the cost of room and board so outside events must be held to meet operating expenses, finance major maintenance and make improvements.
Cabrito House is a two-story dormitory–type facility, sheltered by huge trees. Well landscaped grounds include a swimming pool, ample parking, an outdoor barbecue. and a separate meeting hall for weekly AA meetings.
This facility is named after the late Les Jensen, past President of Cabrito and a tireless worker on behalf of its recovering alcoholic residents.

For information, call:
7552 Remmet Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91303